3 Acts

This year I’ve been introduced to 3 Act Tasks.  What’s a 3 Act task?  It was formulated by Dan Meyer.  First, there’s a video/picture that introduces a problem (Act 1).  Next, there’s a few clues that give a little more context to the problem(Act 2).  Students then have to construct/craft a solution path themselves.  Act 3 is the big reveal–the answer.

Since being introduced to them, I wanted to create and share my own.  This is only the beginning as my mind is always working on ideas.

Please remember that this page is a work in progress.  You can also download my videos from Vimeo.

Grade Title Standard(s)
K M&M Spill  K.MD.2  blog post
Balloons  K.OA.1, K.OA.4  Balloons
Flying Cards  K.CC 2, 3, 4, 5
 Sharing Hearts  KNBT  blog post
 Rainbow of Mess  K.MD.3  blog post
 1st  Fun Size Adding  1.OA.5, 1.NBT.2
 2nd  Stolen Skittles  2.OA.1
 Fast& Furious  1.NBT6 , 2.OA1
 4th  M&M Jar  4NBT5
Stack of Sodas 4NBT5
Napkin Rolls 4NBT5
Divided Hearts  4NBT6  blog post
 5th  Cans of Paint 5NF.B6, 5MD.A1
 6th Sassy Cents
 6th Taco Day
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